Robust Design

The design of structures and machinery usually means multi-variable problems, where the variable involved can be rarely considered deterministic in nature. Engineers have dealt with these uncertainties, normally present in the form of material properties, dimensions, loads, etc., through the use of safety factors. More modern techniques allow obtaining optimized designs, capable to meet all the technical requirements while explicitly taking into account the variability of the design parameters while fulfilling any prescribed objective required for the structure. It is possible then, to obtain a design which minimizes a certain property, as for example, weight, cost, volume, etc. or maximizes a certain quantity, as for example, amount of heat transferred or fatigue life. Using 6-Sigma Techniques we will help you to achieve a robust design at a very competitive cost.

  • Meta-modeling.
  • Design of Experiments.
  • Design Optimization.
  • Reliability-based Design.

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